Boyd’s Landscape in the Community

Gatorade Project

While we provide Gatorade to all our employees we are slowly becoming known for our Gatorade Project. What we do is anytime we see an officer, firefighter, paramedic, or military we will do our best to make sure you part with a Gatorade in your hand.

Recently a Placer Sheriff and CHP taking a report at a gas station off Penryn Road became members of our Gatorade Club. It’s a special thanks to our first responders for doing what they do and showing support to our local communities. If you are a first responder and have become a member of our […]

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Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Project

Boyd’s Landscape is currently providing free landscape services to the Folsom Zoo because we believe this is a cause well worth standing behind.

We also help them create additions to the zoo and help in any way we possibly can. 5% of all proceeds go to the Folsom Zoo.

As discussed we are doing free labor landscaping for the Folsom Zoo in an effort to bring more to a great cause. We have three projects that we have now taken under our wing.   Project 1 (Riprian Exhibit) near the beehive colony: Remove all blackberry plants from the enclosure Remove Poison Oak Remove Weeds […]

In some cases we may need some supplies donated whether it be plants, irrigation line, screws, nails, fence boards, etc or anything the project consists of. While we provide the free labor we cannot always provide free supplies so anything donated that the Folsom Zoo does not have to pay for is a gift in […]

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