In some cases we may need some supplies donated whether it be plants, irrigation line, screws, nails, fence boards, etc or anything the project consists of. While we provide the free labor we cannot always provide free supplies so anything donated that the Folsom Zoo does not have to pay for is a gift in itself. You can also go to their website for monetary donations. Below you will find a list of items the zoo is currently collecting, Boyd’s Landscape will come directly to you to pickup any items below that you are willing to donate and take them direct to the Folsom Zoo free of charge!

  • Irrigation/Drip Tubing
  • Home Depot/Lowes/Green Acres/Ace Hardware/or any other local nursery or home improvement store gift cards (All portions of these gift cards go directly to the zoo)
  • 50:1 ratio fuel for two cycle engines. Can be purchased in pre-mixed cans at most home improvement stores
  • 4 to 7ft non-wood fencing
  • Metal Stakes
  • PVC Piping and Materials (Message for info)
  • Red Hot PVC Glue and Primer
  • Chainsaw Blade 14in for Ryobi Chainsaw
  • Half Gallon Emitters  (Blue Tip)
  • Zip Ties
  • Universal Weedeater Trimmer Line
  • Native Northern California Plant Species that help promote Bee pollination and colonies
  • Reflective Streamers

    Please note that all materials purchased for the zoo remain with the zoo. Any unused materials remain stored at the zoo for future use.

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